Victorinox Festival Ready App Review

No matter what time of year it is, avid festival goers will more than likely be counting down the days to their next big event, whether this is Glastonbury, Sonisphere, or Beach Break Live. For some, these and the many other festivals that take place in the British summertime are the ultimate thing to look forward to, They can be the opportunity to blow off some steam, and for many it can be one of the few times a year that they can meet up with all of their friends in one place to enjoy each other's company as well as a whole load of other festivities, musical and beyond. Even though these events are usually looked forward to with enthusiasm, it is often the case that going to a festival can still take it out of even the biggest Glastonbury veteran out there. The prior planning and the many things to consider when you're there can be a lot to deal with, but Victorinox have a free app that can help you out in a big way with your festival experience.

Victorinox Festival Ready App

The idea behind the app is that it is intended to be your all-in-one resource for whichever festival you're going to. Though festivals themselves often have dedicated apps, Festival Ready is designed to be effective in pretty much any location you can think of. Whether you want to mark your tent location on a map, locate your friends if you get split up, need reminding of the various items you need to bring but will likely forget, or simply have a bit of fun in the crowd, this app is designed to facilitate each and every one of these things.

First and foremost, the app can be used for navigating your way around the campsite. Though some may prefer to simply stick to a hard-copy map of the festival, it actually makes you look like a bit of a festival newbie or a complete tourist if you're wandering around and bumping into people trying to read a map. It is simply more convenient to pull up the app, get into navigation mode, and drop pins in your current location to remind you were things are in relation to your phone. As well as dropping a pin for your tent, you can also mark any location for pretty much anything else a well, and the app lets you take a photo so that you can have a visual representation of each landmark so that you can find them even if you're a little inebriated.

Victorinox Festival Ready App

Most impressive of all however is the 'Find Friends' section of the navigation pane where instead of having to call your friends and risk them not being picked up on account of the loud music they're watching, you can simply track them with the app. This function only works if your other friends have the app and are allowing the tracking feature to function, but since they are going to be in the festival spirit anyway, it isn't likely that they are going to disagree to something that could very well be very useful on day three of a four or five-day

In addition to the navigation section of the app, it has some other peripheral features that you may find useful as well. The weather section allows you to check the forecast for the near future so that you can plan ahead in terms of what you're taking and what you're wearing. Perhaps the next most useful function after the navigation capability of the app is that it has a checklist section containing all the items you're likely to need in a handy, 'tick as you go' list. The 'tips' section also contains some useful pointers for first-time festival fans and anyone that may not be great at planning. The app even has a few tools including a sound flare (to get the attention of friends around you), a torch that makes use of your phone's light, and an LED-style scrolling text display to convey your own personal messages at your convenience. This isn't intended to be a just-for-fun festival game like this Festival Fever Game however, so these peripheral features are purely for those "just in case" moments. If you're after some music-based fun that's well-designed and purely for entertainment purposes only, then puzzle game Record Tripping may pass some of the very few down minutes you'll have at your chosen festival as well, but Festival Ready is primarily an app of utility and not of recreation per say.

There's no disputing the usefulness of this app, but it can't all be good, can it? Well, there's really no downside to owning it: it has many useful tools, its navigation function is superior to a plain old map as well as its other features being superior to other more basic standalone apps like, and best of all, the app is entirely free of charge. Nothing can be lost by downloading this before a festival. The app is stylishly designed to match the line of Victorinox camping hardware product range as well if you care about that kind of thing. Victorinox is simply an essential tool in the festival-goer's arsenal, one that you should be equipped with before setting off for the time of your life.